The most popular suburbs for buyers in Australia

Every month, millions of potential buyers click on property listings online, revealing the suburbs that are most in-demand.

There are a number of factors that influence where people want to live and the state capitals tend to come out on top due to an abundance of opportunities, vibrant culture, and convenient access to amenities and services.

However, over the past five years there has been a shift in the cities that are attracting the most interest from property seekers and the main driver of this is affordability.

The locations with the most property views per listing on used to be the blue-chip suburbs such as ToorakBrighton, and South Yarra in Melbourne, and ManlyFreshwater, and Mosman in Sydney.

Whereas in April 2024, eight of the top ten suburbs for views per listing were in Adelaide.

Adelaide is currently the hottest spot in the country for property seekers on Image: Getty.

In recent years, Adelaide has emerged as a favoured destination among property seekers, owing to its affordability in comparison to major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra, coupled with its reputation as a highly desirable place to live.

Torrens Park was the top neighbourhood with the most views per listing in April, closely followed by Bridgewater and Hawthorn.

Suburbs with the highest average views per listing - May 2024

Source: Only includes metro suburbs with a minimum of 10 listings in April 2024.
Rank Suburb State
1 Torrens Park SA
2 Bridgewater SA
3 Hawthorn SA
4 Coromandel Valley SA
5 Mile End SA
6 Marino SA
7 Belair SA
8 Golden Grove SA
9 Springfield NSW
10 Middle Park VIC

Although Torrens Park is one of Adelaide's pricier suburbs, with a median house price of $1.35 million, it is far more affordable than suburbs of a similar stature in Melbourne or Sydney.

The remaining two suburbs in the top 10 list for buyers are in Sydney and Melbourne.

Springfield, on the Central Coast is highly sought after as it is one of Sydney's more affordable suburbs, with a median house price of $917,000 and makes it in at number nine.

And rounding out the top 10 list is Middle Park, in Melbourne – Inner, with a median house price of $2.53 million.

Middle Park in Melbourne was among the most in-demand suburbs in April. Image: Getty.

Beyond the allure of these suburbs lies a significant factor contributing to the high number of views per listing, which is the scarcity of available properties.  

Owners in these coveted areas tend to hold onto their properties for long periods, resulting in limited listings for prospective buyers to explore. 

Ultimately, the suburbs that attract the most property views per listing offer a glimpse into evolving buyer priorities and market trends, and factors like affordability and scarcity play pivotal roles.

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