I don’t need insurance – do I?

Nobody likes to explore those ‘what if’ scenarios where you have to confront the reality of bad things that may happen to you or your property.

Before you let your imagination run wild with fires, illnesses and accidents, step outside of your fear zone and enter the safety realm of being prepared.

Organising insurance can help you to avoid the panic spiral caused by anticipating something that may or may not ever happen.

New home insurance
This kind of insurance does not need to be initiated by you because before the settlement of your home loan, you are required to secure insurance.

It is usually organised either by house and contents or a combination of the two.

Exploring the benefits of this insurance will help you to make a decision, along with a chat with your mortgage adviser.

Depending on your personal needs and values, a mortgage broker can help you decide which insurance will be your most suitable protection.

Life insurance to cover your loan
This type of insurance is not required but it is recommended for many reasons. Before jumping into the myriad of things that can go wrong, let us just focus on what can go right.

When people worry, they tend to put a lot of energy into things they cannot control or dreading bad outcomes.

Since no one can predict the future, any bit of preparedness can go a long way towards keeping peace of mind about the wellbeing of you and your family.

A mortgage adviser can best explain the benefits of foresight and how prudence can be immensely valuable – in terms of financial security and personal comfort.

When deciding whether or not to secure life insurance, remember to think of yourself as the irreplaceable asset that you are.